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Whitesnake is a humanoid Stand. It is sparsely clothed in black, with a mask covering its face to the bottom of where its nose would be, in a piece that rises above its head by half its height in a row of peaks, like a crown. Its attire is based on Araki's image of an executioner. Its light skin is marked by horizontal stripes of roughly an inch's height, with "GΔCT" (Guanine/Δdenine/Cytosine/Thymine) repeatedly written on every other stripe. Its irises are also unique, appearing as if they are melting.


Whitesnake has 3 different movesets, which can be toggled with J and V

Standard Moveset

Attack/Ability Name Attack/Ability Description Status Effects Image
(LMB) Combo Whitesnake attack the opponent in a three hit combo with the first hit dealing 10 damage, the second dealing 10 damage, and the final attack dealing 15 damage. Ragdoll
(E) Barrage White snake barrages the opponent dealing 2.25 damage per hit before ending it with a kick dealing 35 damage. Ragdoll
(R) Chop Whitesnake punches the opponent dealing 40 damage.

(If Stand Disc is selected and you have at least one of them then a second hit is launched from whatever stand the disc was stolen from dealing 30 damage. If Memory Disc is selected you have at least one of them then the first punch will reverse the opponent's movement controls.)



w/ Stand Disc

(T) Double Punch Whitesnake punches the opponent twice dealing 30 damage on the first hit and another 30 damage on the second hit if the first one lands. Ragdoll
(Y) Disc Throw If Whitesnake has at least one Memory Disc it will throw it at the opponent dealing 30 damage on the initial hit and another 30 damage after the disc explodes. If someone is killed with this attack, then "Hallelujah" will play. Ragdoll

Upon enemy death

(F) Disk Steal Whitesnake steals the opponent's discs in a two hit attack dealing 10 damage on the first hit and actually steals the disc and does 10 damage on the second hit. Ragdoll

Disc Meter going up

(B) Counting Prime Numbers The user starts counting prime numbers in an effort to calm himself. This will give you a 5% damage boost and damage resistance as well as an extra X% per correct prime number for a max of 3 stacks. If the opponent is attacked during this, they will counter the attack dealing 35 damage. Buff(Self)/ Ragdoll


(H) Disc Selection The user can select between the user of a Memory Disc, Stand Disc, or none. Whichever is selected changes the effect of Whitesnake's "Chop" None
(J) Remote Mode Whitesnake goes into remote mode allowing the user to control the stand separate from itself. It keeps a majority of the same moves but Y and B change as well as losing access to roll. None
(V) Acidic Mode Press the "V" key to activate Whitesnake's Acidic Mode, and use a different moveset. None (None)

Remote Mode Moveset

Attack/Ability Name Attack/Ability Description Status Effects Image
(Y) Glock Whitesnake pulls out a Glock shooting three bullets with each doing 15 damage per bullet and an extra 5 damage if a headshot. Each bullet can be fired separately, and you would need to aim much like a standard shooting game. None
(B) Melt Your Heart Whitesnake stomps the floor releasing an AOE acid attack doing 12 damage per second and knocking the opponent. Ragdoll

Acidic Mode Moveset

Attack/Ability Name Attack/Ability Description Status Effects Image
(E) Punch Stab Combo Whitesnake attacks the opponent dealing 17.5 damage on the first hit, 17.5 damage on the second hit, and 30 damage on the last and final hit as well as dragging them in. Ragdoll
(R) Heavy Punch Whitesnake attacks the opponent in an Acid Covered Punch dealing 30 damage as well as inflicting bleed to the opponent. Ragdoll/ Bleeding
(T) Chest Pierce Whitesnake scissors the opponent dealing 45 damage and inflicts bleed. Ragdoll/ Bleeding


Re-skins are cosmetic changes that affect the color scheme of your stand, as well as changing the song that plays when you pose with the "G" key

Re-Skin Name Price Image Song during Pose
Default Free
Judgement Day
Heliotrope Free
Judgement Day
Chartreuse Free
Judgement Day
Inverted Free
Judgement Day
King Sea Free
Judgement Day
Garnet Free
Judgement Day


Do a Quote or Voice Quip by pressing "Q" Hold the button to select one of 3 available quotes-

  • Your disc is now mine!
  • No one can divide prime numbers.
  • Don't bother... The likes of you could never serve as a proper trial for me.