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Diver Down appears as a humanoid attired with a highly stylized set of SCUBA gear. Its body is patterned with a distinctive "D"-like symbol.


Diver Down has access to two different movesets which can be toggled either by using the "V" key or landing a successful "Body Dive"

Stand-Off Moveset
Attack/Ability Name Attack/Ability Description Status Effects Image
(E) Shin Kick The user delivers a weak kick to the opponent dealing 25 damage. None
(R) Reverse Kick The user delivers a stronger kick to the opponent dealing 30 damage. Ragdoll
(T) Choke The user chokes the opponent for 40 damage before tossing them onto the ground. Ragdoll
(F) Stomp Grab The user grabs the opponent and slams them onto the ground, before stomping them three times dealing 15 damage, 15 damage, and 20 damage. in that order. Ragdoll
Standard Moveset
Attack/Ability Name Attack/Ability Description Status Effects Image
(LMB) Triple Strike Diver Down attacks the opponent in a three-hit combo with the first hit dealing 10 damage, the second hit dealing 10 damage, and the final hit dealing 15 damage. Ragdoll
(E) Burst Barrage Diver Down does a short barrage dealing 2 damage per hit before ending it with a blow dealing 35 damage. Ragdoll
(R) Straight Punch Diver Down punches the opponent dealing 40 damage and inflicting bleed. Ragdoll/ Bleeding
(T) Hook Diver Down quickly punches the opponent's skull dealing 40 damage. Ragdoll
(Y) Energy Store Diver Down stores energy in the ground when he stomps, shortly after releasing it in the form of its leg and dealing between 35 damage - 50 damage and dealing up to 2.5x the move's normal knockback as well as summoning between 1-3 legs. Ragdoll
(F) Body Dive Diver Down goes inside the opponent and waits for the User to give another command. None
(C) Glide Diver Down and the User glide across the ground. When in stand-off mode it reverts back to normal roll. None
(V) Tandem Mode Pressing the "V" key will toggle you and your stand into Tandem Mode. You can see if you are toggled into Tandem Mode or not by checking in the bottom right corner. Diver Down will be colored if it's on and Diver Down will be black if it's off. None

Tandem Toggle On/Off

Body Dive Moveset
Attack/Ability Name Attack/ Ability Description Status Effects Image
(E) Organ Punch Diver Down attacks the opponent from the inside dealing 50 damage in total. Ragdoll
(R) Head Kick Diver Down leaps out of the opponent and kicks them from behind dealing 40 damage. Ragdoll
(F) Spring Bone Restructure Diver Down launches the opponent around randomly dealing 90 damage in total. Ragdoll
Tandem Mode Moveset
Attack/Ability Name Attack/Ability Description Status Effects Image
(R) Dash Tandem Kick Diver Down and the User slide toward the opponent dealing 40 damage and inflicts bleed. Ragdoll/ Bleeding
(T) Ribcage Grab Slam The user grabs and throws the opponent for 20 damage. After that Diver Down dives into the opponent exposing their ribcage and dealing another 20 damage. Ragdoll
(Y) Arm Trap Glide Diver Down and the User slide towards the opponent and Diver Down grabs them from the ground, immobilizing them and prevents the user from moving. Note that they can still attack back while grabbed. Immobolizing


Re-skins are cosmetic changes that affect the color scheme of your stand, as well as changing the song that plays when you pose with the "G" key

Re-Skin Idea Price Image Song during Pose
Default Free
Oh, Pretty Woman
Synth Free
Oh, Pretty Woman
Adept Free
Oh, Pretty Woman
Verdant Free
Oh, Pretty Woman
Red Out Free
Oh, Pretty Woman
Corrupted Free
Oh, Pretty Woman
Pink Cloud Free
Oh, Pretty Woman
Iris Free
Oh, Pretty Woman


Do a Quote or Voice Quip by pressing "Q" Hold the button to select one of 3 available quotes-

  • I'm afraid you must die...
  • I'm gonna destroy you!
  • I dove into your body itself.